• 2nd DEVZ Meetup

    2nd DEVZ Meetup

    By: Andrijana Jarnjak

    Great speakers, great presentations, great community and a great after party. This is what the 2nd DEVZ meetup was like. It’s been a week since the 2nd DEVZ meetup. This time the focus was on a few different areas – security, js frameworks and experience with startup accelerators (Eleven startup accelerators from Bulgaria that is).

    We had three great speakers presenting. Every one of them is a true expert in his field. It was an honor to listen to their presentations and to learn something new.



    Tonimir Kišasondi: Information security, why should you care

    Our first speaker, Tonimir Kišasondi, is the head of laboratory for open systems and information security on Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varaždin, Croatia. He talked about information security in small companies and the lack of it. Tonimir concluded that information security in companies in Croatia is on a pretty low level and tried to inform and engage the public to think more about its implementation in their own companies. He introduced the most frequent vulnerabilities and how a company (or an individual) can deal with them and why it is so important to do so. One of the most valuable things learned was that by securing yourself you secure your client. You, as a small company, don’t have to be the target of a cyber-attack, but your big client for who you work for can be. So it’s important to think about it. One more thing that makes you rethink about security in your own company is this: „after a company survives an attack it loses about 40% of its clients “. So think about it.


    Bruno Škovr VueJS

    Bruno Škvorc: VueJS

    Our second speaker, Bruno Škvorc, works for Sitepoint (which we believe many of you have heard of), as senior developer and chief editor of PHP related content (except WordPress). He is also working as a developer evangelist for Diffbot.com and is a freelance consultant. His speech was about js framework, called Vue.js. In his own words, js framework is the most promising of the future. He compared it to react and other popular frameworks and highlighted some key differences and advantages of Vue.js. He also highlighted  some tools which makes the usage of Vue.js even simpler.

    So what did we learn from Bruno? Well, we learned that Vue.js is a component based js framework and is only web oriented. You can learn it in one or two days, which speaks about how simple it is to use. Bruno showed us an example of a simple Vue.js application where you can build an application based on just one element, that has its own HTML, js and css. Pretty cool right? Maybe you should investigate it. ☺.


    Zvonimir Dimovski: Startup accelerators

    Zvonimir Dimovski: Startup accelerators

    Our third speaker was Zvonimir Dimovski, who introduced us to the startup accelerators world. He shared his experiences with Eleven Accelerator. Zvonimir and his team applied their project, called Awthor, last year and he shared some experiences with the project from start to end with us. One of the things that intrigued most of the public was his sentence discussing that you need to be prepared for C.R.A.P. C- criticism, R – rejection, A – assholes and P – pressure. That was a bit funny but it was a valuable thing to learn. When they were in Bulgaria, they needed to make a one-minute pitch in which they needed to present their idea. Can you imagine having to tell everything you have to say about your innovative new project in just one minute? Well, that’s what you need to do in order to get to that second step. The second day was a mentoring day where they had their mentors helping them work on final presentation, which was presented on the third day in front of the jury. They also had some social games to play. The big focus was on socializing with other startups. The conclusion was that it’s a great experience. You learn a lot about yourself and your ideas. At the end, if you get founded, you need to set up a company in Bulgaria and live there for six months while you develop your product. You get 100k euros while investors own 8% of the company.

    After the interesting speakers were done presenting, our colleague, Karlo Kukec, Assistant Manager at Technology park Varazdin Ltd and Co-founder of the Voogle conference, announced this year’s Voogle conference, that will be held 18th March in Croatian National Theatre Varaždin. It’s a one-day event featuring some great speakers from USA and Croatian companies including inTerract Consulting, Copenhagen Gate, The Shift Chicago, Socialty Inc., WorldChicago, NOAH Conference, Hopwood Communications, CRANE – Croatian Business Angel Network, Indigo, Oradian, Evolva Mate Rimac, and Infinum. So if you can, be there! ☺


    2. DEVZ Meetup - Sponsors

    2. DEVZ Meetup – Sponsors

    We finished the event with some awards from our sponsors. Let’s give a big shout out to our sponsors: Varaždin City Museum for providing us a great place for our meetup in Herzer Palace, VA::Tech Park Varaždin which supports our meetups in many ways, SitePoint which awarded us with five 1-month premium subscriptions and Voogle conference which awarded our devz with some free Voogle Conference t-shirts and free tickets for this year’s conference.

    These meetups are not only about learning something new, we also have to have fun, right? In order to bring extra fun to this meetup, we held a small after-party in a great medieval looking pub in the center of Varaždin called „Medina škrinja“ (located in the basement of medieval palace Zakmardy from 17.st). We had the opportunity to meet and chat with our old and new devz and, of course, drink a few beers ☺.

    All in all, we are very happy to see all these people taking interest in an event like this. We enjoy getting to know them, what they do for a living and their interests. We love a creating really great community here in our small town of Varaždin. We won’t have meetup in March, as we will be a part of the Voogle conference. If you can make it to the Voogle conference, then go to it! We would love to meet you!