• Front-end Conferences in Europe – 2016

    Front-end Conferences in Europe – 2016

    By: Andrijana Jarnjak

    There are a lot of great front-end conferences you can attend in 2016. Since we live in Europe, we decided to do a little search about what’s happening in 2016. In this article we’ll point out some great front-end conferences that will take place in Europe in 2016.


    United Kingdom


    Frontier Conference London – March 11, 2016, London

    This years conference will feature 8 great speakers. The speakers are experts in their respected areas and will discuss product design, development, web typography, web design and UX design. You can purchase early bird tickets at £200  or choose to be a sponsor (starting at £3,250). More details: https://www.frontierconf.com/.


    SmashingConf Oxford–March 15-16th, 2016, Oxford

    The  Smashing Conference is well known and will take a place in March. This conference will focus on a wide range of front-end solutions and techniques, including web design, UX design and front-end. You can get conference ticket for $499 / £326 or  conference + workshop tickets for – $798 (two days). More details: http://smashingconf.com/speakers.

    Future of web design – April 25-27, 2016, ETC Venues, London

    One of my favorite conferences – Future of Web Design – will take place in April. There are two tracks and the event lasts, overall, three days. Two days of conference and a one day workshop. Topics including HTML & CSS development, UI and UX design and best practices. You can get a Super Early Bird 2-Day Conference Pass (workshop is not included) for £ 399.00 or Super Early Bird 2-Day Conference Pass + Workshop for £ 649.00. To see more ticket buying options  visit the FOWD official website.

    Render Conference – APRIL 21-22, 2016, Oxford

    Render Conference 2016 focuses on front-end development and offers truly interesting talks about usage of svg, motion design, front-end testing, backend oriented design and many more topics. You can buy early bird tickets for £159 (until 14 January or until they sell out), for 2 days of conference or buy tickets for workshops for £299 (Workshops: Usability Studies, CSS Architecture for Large-Scale Uis, Rapid API development). More details: http://2016.render-conf.com/.

    UpFront 2016 – MAY 27, 2016 Manchester

    There is not much information currently available about the speakers on this years conference, nor the info about the tickets. You can check for new or upcoming information on the conference website at http://lanyrd.com/2016/upfrontconf/.

    Design it; Build it – March 17-18, 2016, Edinburgh

    A two day event focused both on design and development. You can get super early bird tickets for  £250 + VAT. More details: http://dibiconference.com/tickets/.

    Industry Conference – April 20, 2016,  NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE

    A one day event including 8 speakers and the React JS Workshop. You can get early bird tickets for the conference for £150 or the React JS Workshop for £250. More details: https://industryconf.com/.

    UX Scotland – June 8-10, Edinburgh

    A three day event focused on UX for UX designers, service design and digital community. Early bird tickets are not yet available but you can sign up to be on their mailing list to be notified. More details are available at http://uxscotland.net/2016/.




    CSSConf Budapest – May 11th, 2016, Budapest and JSConf Budapest – May 12-13, 2016 Budapest

    CSSConf Hunagry is taking place at the same time as JSConf Budapest, so it’s a good idea to visit  both. You can get early bird tickets for the CSSConf Hungary at 108€, or 133€ for  the JSConf Budapest. These two conferences are somewhat connected so  you can also get a ticket for both of them for 239€. More details: http://jsconfbp.com/news/early-bird-tickets.html.




    ReactEurope June 02-03, 2016, Paris, France

    This conference focuses on React.js, React Native, GraphQL, Relay, Universal apps, inline CSS and more. It will be a 3-day event consisting of two days of workshops and over 20 speakers. First round of conference tickets are sold out. The second round of tickets will be available for 479.00€ (95.80€ VAT) . More details about the conference and ticket prices can be found here:  https://checkout.eventlama.com/#/events/reacteurope-2016/tickets.




    SmashingConf Freiburg 2016 – 12-13 September, 2016, FREIBURG, GERMANY

    The topics and speakers for this conference are not yet selected. You can sign up as a warm-up speaker until 12th September 2016, or as a volunteer. You can find more info and updates here: http://lanyrd.com/2016/smashingconf-freiburg/.

    Beyond Tellerrand 09 – 11 May 2016, DUSSELDORF

    This is a two day conference with a one day workshop that covers topics about design, technology and inspiration. Early bird tickets are sold out. You can get regular price ticket for 279€.

    More details can be found here: http://beyondtellerrand.com/events/duesseldorf-2016/tickets/.




    Frontend Conference Zurich1-2 September, 2016, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND

    This two day conference, with two tracks, focuses on design and development. Speakers will be announced at the end of spring 2016. Tickets are still not available for sale, but you can become a sponsor – starting from CHF 1000. More details: https://frontendconf.ch/.




    The Rolling Scopes Conference20-21 February, 2016, MINSK, BELARUS

    The Rolling Scopes conference includes aone day conference and a one day workshop. Agenda and tickets are still not available, but you can see more details and updates on their official website: http://2016.conf.rollingscopes.com/.




    jDays 20168-9 March, 2016, GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN

    This conference is a three day event – two days of conference and one day of workshop. It is focused on trending techologies and topics, including modern web applications using HTML5, node.js, web architecture and of course a lot of Java topics. You can find more details and get information about tickets on their official website: http://www.jdays.se/.




    Jsday> – May 11th-12th, 2016, VERONA, ITALY

    Call for papers for this conference is open, so if you feel like talking, submit your proposial. More info about the conference can be found on their official website: http://2016.jsday.it/.




    Front-Trends 201618-20 May, 2016, WARSAW, POLAND

    This is a three day event focused on front-end developers. Some of the speakers are already announced  and more will be announced soon. Current speakers include front-end developers, designers and WordPress contributors. Early bird tickets available at 319€. You can get more info on the official website: https://2016.front-trends.com/.




    Frontend UnitedMay 27, 2016, GHENT, BELGIUM

    Details about the conference are not released yet, but you can subscribe for more info on the official website: http://frontendunited.org/.




    CSSconf Nordic – June 01, 2016,  OSLO

    Details about the conference are not yet released. You can see more details and updates on the official website: http://cssconf.no/.

    Web Rebels – 2–3 June 2016, OSLO

    This will be the 5th Web Rebels conference. Details are not yet released. Check out Lanyrd for more info and updates: http://lanyrd.com/2016/webrebels/.




    User Experience Lisbon –  May 24 – 27, 2016, LISBON

    This conference is a 4 day conference focused on UX. 11 speakers have been announced so far. You can get an early bird ticket for 301,35€ (VAT included) until January 29, 2016. More details: https://www.ux-lx.com/.




    FrontTalks 2016 – SEPTEMBER 17–18, 2016, YEKATERINBURG, RUSSIA

    This conference is known as „Russia’s biggest frontend conference“. If you’re nearby visit it! Details are not yet published. Check out Lanyrd for more info and updates: http://lanyrd.com/2016/fronttalks2016/.




    SmashingConf Barcelona 2016 –  OCTOBER 25–26, 2016, Barcelona

    This two day conference focuses on a wide range of front-end solutions and techniques including web design, UX design and front-end. There are currently 14 speakers announced. You can get conference tickets for $499, or a workshop ticket for $399. You can find out more details about the tickets and workshops on the official website: http://smashingconf.com/barcelona-2015/registration.




    Fronteers Spring Thing 2016, April 1st, 2016, AMSTERDAM

    This one day event is focused on front-end. You can subscribe for more details and updates about the conference on the official website: https://fronteers.nl/spring.