• The new Pixel Industry Rebranding project

    The new Pixel Industry Rebranding project

    By: Andrijana Jarnjak

    A lot has changed since we started working on the web, so we thought it was the right time for rebranding.

    Our journey started on Themeforest, part of Envato market. We were two freelancers working on premium themes – PSD, HTML and WordPress. We always had projects to do and didn’t have time to make a website (at least we thought we didn’t). At one point we decided: ok, we need a website, nothing fancy, just a place where we could put some info about our themes and what we do. So we designed a very simple website, in which the main focus was on premium themes. We also designed a logo, which we were pleased with at that time.

    As time passed by we founded a company, hired one front-end developer and started working for clients more and more. We noticed that our website no longer described who we are and what we do. But it wasn’t just the website. The logo we made didn’t work anymore, we wanted something more clean and modern. Our services changed. We were more focused on working for clients than on the premium themes. So we decided that we can’t just change the logo or the website design. We decided that we have to make a complete rebranding.

    This rebranding process started with new logo design. We kept the factory and pixels but displayed them in a much more modern way. Next thing we changed is the way we presented ourselves. We are still producing premium themes, but that is no longer our main focus. Our main focus are custom design and development services. That new focus is now highlighted on our homepage and separate pages throughout the website. Of course we didn’t want to remove the focus from premium themes completely as we still produce them and that is still a part of our job and who we are, we just decided to present them in a bit different way.

    The “about us” page now has a section about the team as we decided to show who we are and who the behind-the-scene people are. Our projects page now has a “resources” section. We have some old free plugins there but plan to release a couple of new freebies and update that section with new stuff.

    As you are reading this article, you may have noticed that we now have a blog. We have a lot of knowledge we can share with others and we want to share it! You can expect a lot of tutorials and interesting news from web design and development areas from us.

    A lot of things have changed and so are we. Our services, our products and now our brand is evolving to reflect those changes. It reflects who we are and what we do, which was one of the goals of this project. The other goal was to get to know our clients better and to share our knowledge and skills with them. The second goal is why we started to blog. With that said, thank you for visiting our new site and hope you’ll enjoy our new products and services.

    Spoiler alert: New tutorial on “How to make svg animations with CSS”, like the ones we have on the homepage is coming soon. Make sure to click the SUBSCRIBE to stay informed about this and other great tutorials!